May 17 2018


I am really enjoying the creative side of content creation. Got some stuff cheap online from China & seeing what I can create from there. My fairy one is definitely my favorite but I'm hoping to up the quality as I learn :)    You can tell who took media at Uni [more...]
If anyone who follows me on Twitter knows, I do a lot of activism in my spare time. I like to keep that separate to this given veganism is pretty political/heated/preachy.      However, if you are happy to tradeoff I'm sure we both benefit. I'm happy to send you a [more...]
Most sex workers are compassionate enough to notice anxiety and excuse shaking/ skipping words/ heavy breathing/ awkward sentences/ silence. Dude it's a big deal to see an escort, of course, we excuse nervous/ anxiety behavior. It'd be strange if you weren't nervous tbh. We get ya 😉 we are caregivers [more...]
May 04 2018


Got some poker night planned I think I've knackered my friends with some of the riskier games like adult truth or dare which saw me giving my friend a lapdance :o (What are the chances of me getting that card huh, step aside let the professionals come through hehe). Side [more...]
Excited to announce my new online presence, I am officially an Xtreme Playpen model & can now be found online through Videos on Either my website, Manyvids, Iwantclips, Youkandy, Onlyfans, Adultwork & Mynaughtyselfies. I am offering webcam services on Adultwork too incase you're too shy to meet in person :P. Have been up to [more...]
It's has been a good year! I have a tour coming up to London on the 6th - 13th of London I'm off to fetish dungeon in London in the New Year to see the other side of the kink world as it were, maybe see some of you there. [more...]
London Tour coming up this week. I will be in the NW1 area for Incalls. Partial holiday so availability varies from 8am-11pm. Look forward to meeting some London gentlemen to make my holiday a bit more sexy and interesting. Usual preferences with bookings, give me a call to set a [more...]
May 26 2017

Air con

The sun out gets me in the right mood, I've already got to strip naked because of the heat lol. For comfort I've set up the air con in the incall room & shoved some towels in the fridge. So we wont be affected by the stickyness of the day, [more...]
May 08 2017

New tattoo

Finally went and got my new tattoo. Took 5 hours in total and i'm in love with it :) Sat through it like a champ (for once). Have added a photo for reference lol [more...]
Not been too active on here but i'm still taking telephone bookings, best way to get a hold of me is on the day you were wanting the booking via telephone . Hope to see you guys this spring, don't be shy :) I've got new costumes etc to have some [more...]
I am working on setting up an Instagram, for the moment it will just be a collection of my photos but will post weekly so for now it tells no story of my day but it will be a place for butts boobs, my oddities Etsy finds & general updates, [more...]
Jan 13 2016


If you are visiting me today, Just a heads up: my walls were painted in the morning still drying, make like James bond on the stair way to make sure you don't get painted warm mocha delux color too as lovely as you'd look in it I think it's more [more...]
Https:// or @missrhonasg on twitter just a heads up or there is a link on my website... somewhere... not sure I where It appears... Help keep track of my availability better and get to know me more.   [more...]
I had a lovely christmas, thankyou for the gifts MRs :). Think I've got a party set up for new years (that's reassuring, no idea which one of my friends are hosting but I think my place got volunteered up) Added some moooree photos. Slowly but surely a naked archive [more...]
Although I do some touring I wont be for a few months. Too wimped out about the news at the minute lol. My normal location is Derby where I have a comfortable, discreet and clean place where we can get up to some fun. Derby is small but has some [more...]
Oct 28 2015


I'm around for the halloween period in Derby :) I love halloween, obviousley, Costumes requests being taken for our meets. I have - Cat - School girl - Sectuary - Raver - Geek girl And some anime stuff anyone is interested. [more...]
Oct 06 2015

I have moved

RECORD moving time to be honest XD Shifted everything in the space of 2 days. The place looks lovley, having an apartment was great but this new place is so much cosier and warm colored and has a nice vibe about it. I will be doing quite a lot of [more...]
I am in nottingham from the 5th - 9th for incalls. Most toys and uniforms available :) My hours are 5th October: 3pm - 11pm 6th October: 8am-11pm 7th October: 8am-11pm 8th October: 8am-11pm 9th October: 6am-11pm Info on my incall location will be sent when I check in. Hope [more...]
You've got my enjoy list but I know some of you want to know what I'm into for fun otherwise. Sex is a given there's no avoiding that in my lifestyle haha. I planned it this way of course. But in a nutshell i'm into.... Anime, internetting, dressing up, video [more...]
Sep 14 2015


I'll be around the following 2 weeks but there will be a week off on the 3rd October where I will be moving. Just a heads up If anyone was planning advanced bookings or anyone has a regular slot with me. Added some photos from a shoot I did a [more...]
My cat and my fake yeti met, picked this pink fuzzy fellow from the post office and popped him out the box. The cat did not like him one bit, giving him evils from across the room until he plucked up the courage to come up and bite him repeatedly, [more...]
Aug 29 2015


Gives me a giggle when people mention that i'm literally everywhere. Like on every directory haha. Fist pumped the air this morning to see my site is on 4th page, I previousley couldn't find my website anywhere stand alone. A grand ahceivement in the scheme of things because i've been [more...]
I will be in Camden area on the 4th of Septermber for 1 day only. I have availability from 1pm-6pm left for this tour. Contact me to arrange. I have put together a minxy black harness look in keeping with the theme of weirderful camden. I decided to stay in camden [more...]
I'm wondering if anyone is going? Me & my friend are making a night out of it in Camden. Some performers I want to go to see, suprisingly i've never been to a burleque show! Strip shows, well that's a given, burlesque actually never, thought it fitting to go see [more...] On the topic of keeping discreet, as long as you don't start belting this athem when you leave our meet we'll be ok, unless it's on my feedback page :P. I've just rediscovered The Lonley Island and I can't stop giggling XD. Love all their songs haha.    [more...]
Jul 23 2015

Nuru massage

** Awaiting new gel delivery. Delivery expected when I get back from Holiday, will put it back available when it arrives** Does anyone want to try it with me. I've bought a bottle and some sheets. I just think it would be so much fun if nothing else XD. Please [more...]
In the process of making one of these terrarium type vases. I was thinking about doing an outdoor elvish garden one because i'm just happy to have a garden and wanted to decorate it but pretty sure my creation would be washed away in the British weather anyways, so came [more...]
Jul 03 2015

Ice play

I love the weather but my apartment can get pretty hot. The balcony is nice to chill out on but we can't fuck on the balcony with the cars going by, give them a shock XD Came across this which I thought was useful (Diy air con): I used [more...]