Sep 14 2015


I'll be around the following 2 weeks but there will be a week off on the 3rd October where I will be moving. Just a heads up If anyone was planning advanced bookings or anyone has a regular slot with me. Added some photos from a shoot I did a month back on my gallery. 

I remembered the time I was moving into my first apartment

at 18. Me & my flatmate had booked 2 men with a van & what would be the only thing to fall out of the box. A porno mag. I didn't recognise it was mine at first, thought it was one of the blokes so I just kind of looked at it and giggled and left it for them to pick up, then my friend pointed out it was mine as she remembers buying it with me Ireland. Oops, could have been worst if you've seen my collection of toys. I'll be taping those boxes firmly down next time.