Jul 23 2015

Elvish and Earthreal gardens

In the process of making one of these terrarium type vases. I was thinking about doing an outdoor elvish garden one because i'm just happy to have a garden and wanted to decorate it but pretty sure my creation would be washed away in the British weather anyways, so came across terrariums instead. Yes. Mini gardens for indoor people. XD
Even saw a hobbit Lord of the Rings style one but I think I best control my geekery stuff. My roomie was joking that these are going to take over the entire house like some kind of mini metropolis. Not even finished one yet haha. Eeep i think they're awesome thought i'd share. My bedroom is pretty chill with the weirderful stuff because some peoples reaction is... What the fuck haha XD. but I love finding weird things and creating new craft stuff especially love elvish creations.
Back on the topic of sex. I have a paddle that's pretty interesting to add to my collection, the slut paddle. That took a leap from garden talk haha ;)
I wont be available on the 25th of July but around for the rest of the week. 9am - 8pm.