May 04 2018

Female Sex party & Online

Excited to announce my new online presence, I am officially an Xtreme Playpen model & can now be found online through Videos on Either my website, Manyvids, Iwantclips, Youkandy, Onlyfans, Adultwork & Mynaughtyselfies.

I am offering webcam services on Adultwork too incase you're too shy to meet in person :P.

Have been up to a lot of things since my last post on here. Will leave you with a little erotica of my experience at a London lesbian sex party:

 I like how well done the event is. Not seedy but upscale. Starts as a regular party, drinks, chatting at a bar that we have all to ourselves. It's exciting to be in the same room as other like-minded women who want to get straight to the fucking ;). People were getting agitated that the drinks social went on for so long & just wanted to start the fun part. So during the modest part of the evening, we slinked into a different room in the bar area & played spin the bottle. Things are getting sexually charged already, everyone picking their favorites and flirting, kissing whoever the bottle spin lands on.
   It's pretty rare to come across people so upfront about their desires so to have it all in the same place was perfect. Had a giggle over the women who had come without their husbands knowing & was interesting to see the turnout of newbies who have never been with another woman. The women had been pre-screened so were a good looking bunch ;) Part way through the drinks a Burlesque performer came out, goth girl i'd say as well. Bet nothing beats turning a room of women on just by dancing.  
  Onto the after party aka the main event, everyone's pretty tipsy at this point. We walk to our apartment suite past a patio with businessmen chatting which we winked at on the way in, wonder if they had any idea what the women were there for. We started in the bathroom, everyone's still in normal party mode so someone runs a bath to encourage nudity. I think me & this one girl was one of the first to get naked and into it. Took our clothes off and had a bath together kicking off the after party with a wet threesome with a beautiful brunette and a feisty young blonde woman. Me & the brunette fucked each other with our fingers from behind as she licked the blonde girls pussy which excited some onlookers to do the same.
   When we came out of the bathroom still wet and naked, the bedroom was alive & what we were waiting for. At first only 2 couples. But by the end of the night, everyone had joined in. I had my sights on this feminine large breast brunette woman who had a Swedish accent, luckily by the end of the night she was giving me orders to make her cum & throwing her head back enjoying the party next to everyone else fucking. 
 I fucking loved the environment of being able to watch everyone in pleasure, giving each other dirty looks, watching. Seeing shyer women come out their shell and filling the room with the noise of climax & ecstasy. Ended up going home with the blonde girl from the bath. 
 If my writing skills were better I could make erotica out of it. But hope you enjoyed the insight, it was a great night and I will be back. Don't worry though, I still like men ;)  If you want to see me with another woman I have a video with Roo on my movies tab x