Jul 03 2015

Ice play

I love the weather but my apartment can get pretty hot. The balcony is nice to chill out on but we can't fuck on the balcony with the cars going by, give them a shock XD Came across this which I thought was useful (Diy air con): I used to have an air con but it didn't do much so I sent it back, will try this out instead. So if it looks like i've put a Darlek in my bedroom. You know not to be afraid haha. Dr who isn't going to come bursting through the door as much as i'd like him to. XD For the time being i'm doing Ice play, lots of fun getting myself wet and cool and slipping wet my breasts all over you. ;) Thinking about making some champagne ice lollies because i've been on pinterest too much, can you tell O:P I realize I havn't posted anything since creating my site. I'll be adding reveiws, more photos and maybe a sexy little strip video to come soon to the site. In the meantime, enjoy the photos & reading about my adventures and I look forward to meeting some like minded gentlemen. I am available 9pm - 8pm for bookings, call on the day to make an appointment with myself. Let's have some fun shall we :P Rhona xox