Jun 22 2016

Instagram underway

I am working on setting up an Instagram, for the moment it will just be a collection of my photos but will post weekly so for now it tells no story of my day but it will be a place for butts boobs, my oddities Etsy finds & general updates, I will try with all my might not to post food photos haha no promises. I will be making it incognito meaning it wont link to my website nor mention anything about sex work apart from like pole dancing which is pretty standard for those who get naked on instagram so it's easy to follow with personal accounts so you're little secret is safe, haven't decided whether to keep it private and allow invites just because insta has a habit of linking to facebook which is a pain, not that my friends havn't seen me butt ass naked (come on are you really mates if you haven't seen at least a boob haha) buuuuuuuttt still i'll decide and let you know my user when all finished :).