Dec 27 2015

New years :)

I had a lovely christmas, thankyou for the gifts MRs :). Think I've got a party set up for new years (that's reassuring, no idea which one of my friends are hosting but I think my place got volunteered up) Added some moooree photos. Slowly but surely a naked archive is happening. I am back on the 29th & 30th. Away on the 31st, probably hungover so not my perky self on the 1st of Jan. But back to normal bookings on the 2nd. Got my monthly tests and I always say, if you have your doubts with it especially newbies, just ask to see my recent NHS text message. Gave me a giggle at the GUM clinic actually, it was dressed up all festive this month haha. One way to get in the festive spirit. I have my twitter underway if you want to follow me on there although it for sure isn't discreet, my naked butt as the profile picture, but I think the links to my reveiws are easier to click to on my twitter. Speak soon, Rhona xx