May 04 2018


Got some poker night planned I think I've knackered my friends with some of the riskier games like adult truth or dare which saw me giving my friend a lapdance :o (What are the chances of me getting that card huh, step aside let the professionals come through hehe). Side note: Mad wish is a good party game. Get it. 
I have more plans to come down to London in April. Yes i'm obsessed. I am going to see Pendulum so can't be blamed. My favorite band. I am hoping to go to another skirt club party while down there as I had so much fun last time. & of course, see the sights of the businessmen :P Keep true to my bisexuality.
Will be seeing Roo again in Manchester watch that space ;) This time with proper lighting. 
Then Amsterdam & Denmark to see Wardruna because I'm obsessed with Viking music at the moment :P 
And some fun nights on cam etc. Might throw in some truth or dare for the hell of it. 
An oddly busy year.