May 04 2018

Want free content?

If anyone who follows me on Twitter knows, I do a lot of activism in my spare time. I like to keep that separate to this given veganism is pretty political/heated/preachy. 
    However, if you are happy to tradeoff I'm sure we both benefit. I'm happy to send you a free video of you're choice if you watch the entirety of Earthlings documentary (google it it's the first one). I will pop quiz you so you can't cheat :P. Not that you'll be in the mood after watching it but you have a video available to you when the mood strikes. 
What kind of activist would I be if I didn't use my resources available to me huh :P. I got given the idea when I realized some people stay interested in my cause at activism because they want my number lol. Little do they know....
Hey whatever works.