Sep 16 2015

What I enjoy for fun

You've got my enjoy list but I know some of you want to know what I'm into for fun otherwise. Sex is a given there's no avoiding that in my lifestyle haha. I planned it this way of course. But in a nutshell i'm into.... Anime, internetting, dressing up, video games, baths, crafts, collecting weird stuff, health food, music gigs & festivals (From dubstep to rock), pole dancing, chill spa days and in general hanging out having a laugh, tarot cards, cooking. Sure there is more but that's what you'll mostly find me up to. I have a list of stuff I want to get up to as well, some call it the "fuck it list" which I thought was a nice twist haha. < Suppose it fits both ways, i'm young and have a few things I'd like to tick of the list both in the bedroom & adventure wise. You'll never find anything involving heights in that list though O.o Eeep. I'll never make the mile high club :P I'm interested though, have any of you got down and dirty on a flight, it'd be a laugh if I wasn't scared of heights. Just to add to this, I've got a new camera, new Agent Provocateur lingerie so naturally. I'm hoping to get some new photos up soon. I've put 3 more up to keep you teased & hooked :P My luck with camera crapping out, lets place bets how long this one will last me tehe.