Aug 31 2015

Yeti and my Cat

My cat and my fake yeti met, picked this pink fuzzy fellow from the post office and popped him out the box. The cat did not like him one bit, giving him evils from across the room until he plucked up the courage to come up and bite him repeatedly, think he thought it was real. He's a creepy fellow with sharp teeth and eyes that follow you around the room, but a silly one. I've hung my pink fuzzy yeti up in the living room, So when you walk into my living room, you can literally say you see pink fuzzy monsters and not be crazy or on something. I should buy more sensible things but where is the fun in that. It reminded me of a post I saw on twitter that said, "Do you ever just look at what you've bought and think, a boner paid for that." Well, a boner paid for my fuzzy pink yeti. You couldn't make up a weirder sentance if you tried huh. Sorry to bang on about boners, I'm in fun spirits as I've had a move date announced FINALLY haha. I wont be around the 3rd of October as I'm moving, and no doubt i'll have started halloween month planning my costume XD. Yes I realize it's only a day. But I love dressing up and put a lot of planning into it.

You might see my cat wondering around but I tend to keep him in the living room incase of allergies. He's a slut for strangers though asking for pets off of anyone XD.