Q. You look young are you sure you are of age?  

A. I am a fully verified member. (Twice over verified in fact when i dyed my hair). Which means i have supplied the website with legal identification of myself proving i am of age. The emo look is rather doll faced look so yes i can see why people get mistaken but i can't complain O:) Sometimes i wear lots of makeup sometimes I don't, it makes no difference to how old i look. I can look younger in person so yes i'm 21 but don't book it if it bugs you x


Q. Is anal on the tables?  

A. Anal is at discretion which simply means i cannot take larger sizes. So if this was something you 100% wanted it is not something that is available to everyone. However it is something i do enjoy so yes it is on the tables for smaller sizes.


Q. I'm finding it hard to get a hold of you? 

A. Sorry to hear, best possible time to catch me is 10-5 on the phones. Although I do work 8pm-8pm sometimes errands or social events take my time. 


Q. Will our meeting be discreet  

A. Yes of course, i am very understanding to the situation. Of course my best interest to stay discreet too. Relax :) Part of my service is being discreet. Blend in with the comings and goings of my apartment complex.


Q. I am new to this and nervous, how does this work?  

A. That's fine. I'm chatty so i can put you at ease. If you are still a bit nervous we can start with a relaxing massage or lapdance and progress however the rush is part of the fun so roll with it :). Give me a call on the day you want to book then let me know of any requests you might have such as costumes or kinks. I supply condoms, towels etc, we meet at my incall apartment, I will give you my address upon booking, payment is in cash upon meeting then just relax and enjoy your time with me.


Q. I know you personally can we meet?  

A. No, thanks for the compliment but I'd rather keep that kind of thing seperate. For a beer down the pub sure XD. Sex isn't stricly within escorting. I don't bite or turn fridig as soon as I finish lol. 


Q. Are the photos of you?

A. Yes, I have had to upload my ID to escortbook.com, someone somewhere had to verify them with my picture where I held a dated photo of my self. I have reveiws around the interwebs too so i'll create a reveiw section shorly, this site is new so bear with me O: ) I take some photos every month or so to keep updated on my hair color changes and outfits.


Q. Do you see asians, or younger (18 plus) / older men. 

A. Yes sure :) All I ask is that you are a gentleman.


Q. Do you get health checked  

A. For sure, every month. Happyily healthy every time i've been. Plus hey i'm a health dork who likes kale of course i'm on top of my sexual health. Offering nothing without a condom helps my healthy track record. Us girlies tend to be more sex health positive than the average girlie. If I have my NHS text message I wouldn't get mad if you asked to see it. :)


Q. Can I have a discount?

A. I don't offer money off my price. I price accordingly to my niche and given my availability is limited to 2 slots a day, I don't have to offer discounts. I do have shorter bookings if you can't afford my hour so £80 for 30 minutes. 


Q. Will you travel to XYZ?

A. I only offer Incalls because I don't know the surrounding area too well and can't easily drive to you. But I have a lovley, clean and modern apartment based in Central Derby with an ensuite in the room. 



Q. How do I book you? 

A. Give me a call, 9am-8pm. Bookings are to be taken on the day ideally with an hours notice. Outside 8-8pm, I don't answer the phones. 


Q. I'm having trouble getting a hold of you?


A. Sorry to hear, as an Idea of my phone line availbility the best times to catch me on 11-6. Try my adultwork to see if i'm appearing as Available that day.