Travel me to you

1. I will travel to any destination on the Eurostar here's how:


2. Agree on a date with me  


3. Provide 1 reference from the following: Linked in, escort feedback, facebook. (Confidential)  


4. Deposit for the chosen hotel & travel to be purchased in my name so I can get comfortable before our meet. For Eurostar, you can send vouchers from the Eurostar website (preferred).   


5. For outside of Europe, I only travel by plane if a spare day in the hotel is included due to being scared of flying I'd like to rest on arrival so I'm my best to see you the next day   


6. Travel price includes a train to London. Train to chosen Eurostar destination, taxi to the hotel & hotel accommodation. + My £200 fee per hour. Or £1000 overnight.   


7. I can be with you in under 1 days notice to suit your busy schedule  


Here's an example of a good email 


'Hello, my name is Mark


I am staying in Paris for business on the 26th of February & would like you to join me. I am staying at the Hilton Hotel in the north area and happy to book you a separate room.

I understand you travel by Eurostar so will send you a voucher for £200 return ticket plus additional travel fees. 

My references are from XYZ escort (link to her website) Please can you let me know if you will be available and how to send you payment for the hotel & travel.

Hope to hear from you x